Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Division of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering.

 The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has important missions of educating talented electronics engineers who are endowed with knowledge of practical technologies and abilities in general applications, and contributing to the progress of electrical and electronic engineering science. 

The undergraduate program provides opportunities to study the fundamental subjects of electromagnetism, electrical and electronic circuits, electrical and electronic mathematics, electrical and electronic materials science, and information theory; as well as the main subjects of the field, energy engineering, solid state electronics, gaseous and vacuum electronics, communication engineering, systems engineering, control engineering, and computer engineering. These subjects constitute the basic framework of electrical and electronic engineering studies.

Senior students study engineering research to learn how to conduct advanced research and how to use what they have learned in practical applications. The Graduate School of the Department was established for students who wish to further develop their research abilities and creativity. 

Alumni of the Department have excelled in many diverse fields, achieving distinction in the electrical and electronics industries, the information and communication industries, and the computer industries. Faculty members are very involved in education and research activities. They regularly present papers at professional conferences and publish the results of their research in the journals of professional societies.